Support Your Community When You Shop

Check out our wide selection of local homemade products in Lapeer, MI

For many people, shopping at chain grocery stores is convenient, but is it really the best decision for your family? If you want to support food providers right here in your community, start shopping at The Country Market in Lapeer, MI. We guarantee that all of our local food products will be fresh, so you won't have to worry about what you're feeding your family.

To find out which local homemade products we're currently selling, call 810-664-2240 now.

Our Products

Lesley Elizabeth, Inc.

This is a family-owned company celebrating 26 years of business. With a bountiful assortment of healthy, flavorful blended oils, balsamic vinegars, seasonings, salts & sugars gourmet cooking becomes quick, easy, and immensely satisfying.

Jar Head Salsa

Jar Head Salsa was created by Gunnery Sergeant Dave Smith USMC, Retired. Top Secret Recipe includes eight different vegetables, citrus juices, and spices. Each serving has 15% of your daily Vitamin C (over 3 times the average salsa). 10% of proceeds from sales of Jar Head Salsa donated to the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Koegel's Products

There are about thirty-five different products. Koegel products have a taste and texture that usually keeps customers buying once they try the product. Our slogan..." Made Up To a Quality...Not Down to a Price" says it all. Today the products are still made using the same recipes and processes that Albert Koegel learned and developed.